30 September 2005


wonder why the stuff on the right side of the page slipped down? drat. i've gone through everything and can't get to the bottom of it. and i'm a detective that likes to get to the bottom of things... hrmpfh...

poor riley can't get rid of these hiccups, no matter what we do. right now he's busy trying to help type, so any subsequent typos are
from him. or strange spacings. ha!

tonight we have to go look for paint - the kind with no voc's. i forgot paint is so expensive... we have to get all the lead paint in here covered up before riley starts crawling about. after we hit the paint store, we are going to an art opening. and then, i HAVE to study. i'm a bit behind in my history course. yeah - that one again. i'm trying to decide if i should do the bachelor's/master's option. the master's degree isn't what i really want, but i feel like the other program i'm pining for isn't realistic. i just don't see how i'll be able to get to california once a month for 2 years. what to do? what to do... i have to stay in school until i die so i don't have to pay back my loans. teeheeeheeeeeeeee! i need to decide soon, i only have until the 10th to apply.

the weather is so beautiful today! we took an extra long walk this afternoon. its nice to feel that fall chill - the promise of cooler weather. i'm a bit worried though, about gas prices this winter. not to mention the rumblings i've been seeing about the possibility of natural gas running out. no bueno.

more anon.


26 September 2005

bait and switch

just listened to a really excellent interview with barbara ehrenreich - she was talking about her latest book, bait and switch. a little background... ehrenreich decided to work up her resume and try to land a gig in white collar (read: scary corporate) america. her social commentary, once again, seems to be right on spot! a lot of what she said i can only imagine, but she totally validated every fear i have of working in that realm.

here is her website, with some very surprising information. and here is a review of the book, from the nation.


23 September 2005

i'm baaaaa-aaaack!

i had a blog up, only to find my links linked directly into my email inbox (?!). no bueno. couldn't figure out the problem, so i scrapped the last site and started fresh. and thanks to aman, i now have a beautiful fancy template. thank you, aman! my goal is to write here daily. ha! we'll see how long that lasts...

i've caught up, for the most part, in my classes... the history course is whoopin' me arse. it is quite interesting to study the 50's, but this class is unlike any other i've had thus far. i'll just keep plugging away. i read most of my assignments out loud to riley - he thinks he's getting a story while mommy learns, you see - and i'm certain he's grown weary of hearing about the a and h bombs, not to mention the korean war. terribly depressing stuff. its funny (not ha ha funny, but bad funny) how we haven't evolved more humanely in 50 years. perhaps someday we can learn to wage war with words... before einstein's prophecy comes true: " i do not know with what weapons world war 3 will be fought, but world war 4 will be fought with sticks and stones."

and speaking of riley, he's currently bouncing on my lap, as i look at him and ponder what kind of world he'll be left with long after i' am gone, as i wonder how anyone with children can stomach the current course which is paving the way for his future, as i snap back to now and realize i'm perfecting my one-handed typing. its odd, how all of these thoughts can crowd my brain at once, almost simultaneously... i'm getting quite good, with the typing, that is - and fast like lightening, too! riley likes to try and help. he's drawn to the tapping sounds. riley has his own blog. we'll have to go post in there next.

okay. i think that's enough for one day.


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