31 October 2006

in the spirit of halloweeny

what could be scarier than MAKE-UP KARA?!?!? (guess who figured the scanner? big hair pictures to follow, so's that pam and i can have our long touted big hair show down that i will win, without question. ha HA!)

step right up, folks! make-up kara knew nothing of politics, world events, or anything outside of the realm of drinking to excess and spending all of her rent money on ridiculous labels that made her feel like she had made it in the world, and would not have ever dreamed of voting or knowing who was even on the ballot. ok - that may not be entirely true, but it is definately close. for those of you who did not know me 10 years ago, here she is - in acting headshot form - for your viewing pleasure. or whatever. word.

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not much of a word to be found in the american press, as usual, about this horrible attrocity. i had assumed that everyone knew about this, but it doesn't appear to be so.

on sunday, several thousand mexican federal preventative police stormed oaxaca with the claimed intention of protection for the citizens, following the murders of several teachers, an american journalist and others. the teachers and citizens had set up camp in may in an attempt to protest the corruption and repression laid upon them by the local police and the state. they have been calling for PRI
governor ulises ruiz to step down after months of murders, corruption, and a myriad of other abuses of power. ruiz is refusing, even at the prodding of other government officials to do so. the fpp is attacking those they are supposedly there to protect, and the situation continues to deteriorate as we speak. up until the introduction of the fpp in the situation, the movement in oaxaca has been peaceful, save for the attacks on the people carried out by ruiz's minions - attacks which vicente fox has apparently turning a blind eye to. human rights abuses are running rampant. and people wonder why those in mexico will risk life and limb to come to america, where it at least looks like we have freedom and democracy...

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