24 March 2006

the most tenacious robin in midtown

for the past two days, riley and i have been marveling over this incredibly preggers robin that is desperately trying to move into the 'hood.
spring is definitely on the prowl.
so far, she's tried to move into these various places:
*our neighbor across the street's parked honda element.
*our next door neighbor's house
*and some random pickup truck, as we speak.
with cars, she hops about the roof and hood, pecking away. when she realizes that no enterance will be gained that way, she begins to fly into the windows and side mirrors. with our neighbor's house, she's partiularly taken with attempting the living room window. so far, i'm guessing that she's 0 for 40. w. thinks she's delirious with bird flu. i think she just wants to find a home, and the affordable property in this area is just too far out of her budget, being a single mom and all. and the clock is ticking. she must find a place to build her nest soon - she looks as if she's ready to pop at any minute... i've told her she's more than welcome to use our front porch pillar, a perfect place for a nest methinks, but she just keeps flinging herself haphazardly into the car window. poor little girl. she's beyond reasoning with.

in other news, i'm totally digging this laptop! it's a refurbished deal, but it hums like a dream, and is fast like lightening on the internet. i ordered it at 8 o'clock weds. night, and it was in my hot little hands by noon on thursday! only in america. i'll begin to piece my final paper back together this afternoon while the monkey naps.

and in more other news, riley the spider monkey has figured out the concept of a door knob. in the bathroom this morning as i washed my face, he pulled himself up to stand on the door and after patting it several times, he reached over and began jiggling the door handle. i think those moments of standing on his own, without holding onto anything, will soon translate to walking. i wonder if he'll walk on his first birthday? i can't believe he's almost a toddler! where did this last year go?


22 March 2006

feel like cryin'

ay-yi-yi! so my laptop shot craps on me - and the laptop is really the only way i have to do my school work. yeah - i've got this computer, but its clear up on the third floor (do i sound like an american or what? its times like these that i really need to be more thankful for what i do have compared to the rest of world. but i can't fail my classes) - and its in an impossible place for riley to play while type. monsiour r. is NOT a lap bebe anymore. no sireee. too much to do! too much to see!

after 6 hours of jacking with it last night, losing three different drafts of posts for my class that ends in two days, and most of my 10 page paper. well, i feel like cryin'.

luckily for me, but not for w. - he got the flu that r. and i had last week and was home all day so i could scramble and play catch up. my course postings are squared away, but that paper still looms.

i keep telling myself i just have to make it through summer, then i'll be fully edumacated with a b.a. degree. just five more months. five more months. and i should have my *new* laptop by friday.

now i just have to figure out what to do with the old one. me no likee throw away techy equipment. i guess riley can finally bang on it to his heart's content now.... hmmmmm... see? there is a bright side!


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