30 September 2005


wonder why the stuff on the right side of the page slipped down? drat. i've gone through everything and can't get to the bottom of it. and i'm a detective that likes to get to the bottom of things... hrmpfh...

poor riley can't get rid of these hiccups, no matter what we do. right now he's busy trying to help type, so any subsequent typos are
from him. or strange spacings. ha!

tonight we have to go look for paint - the kind with no voc's. i forgot paint is so expensive... we have to get all the lead paint in here covered up before riley starts crawling about. after we hit the paint store, we are going to an art opening. and then, i HAVE to study. i'm a bit behind in my history course. yeah - that one again. i'm trying to decide if i should do the bachelor's/master's option. the master's degree isn't what i really want, but i feel like the other program i'm pining for isn't realistic. i just don't see how i'll be able to get to california once a month for 2 years. what to do? what to do... i have to stay in school until i die so i don't have to pay back my loans. teeheeeheeeeeeeee! i need to decide soon, i only have until the 10th to apply.

the weather is so beautiful today! we took an extra long walk this afternoon. its nice to feel that fall chill - the promise of cooler weather. i'm a bit worried though, about gas prices this winter. not to mention the rumblings i've been seeing about the possibility of natural gas running out. no bueno.

more anon.


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