26 April 2008

long time, no blog...

so i offer you randomness:

* never in my life would i have dreamed that i would be so happy to

a. see bebe make poop
b. celebrate when said poop is passed.
("he won't be traumatized" - my ass. when i say something he doesn't want to hear, he tells me, "MOMMY! i'm going to give YOU and ENEMA!" when i ask why? "you have POOP stuck in your BUTT!" )

* bebe turned three a few weeks ago. THREE.

* i came to the sad realization that i have, in fact, lost all my dance moves that bring the house down (over?) at the nomathmatics show this week. however, my chica holly did offer to make out with me in the photo booth, so that's cool.

* the following tidbits are making me uneasy, in no particular order:
- rice is being rationed for purchase. in the united states. wheat flour prices are through the roof. we ain't seen nothin' yet.
- sallie mae is halting student loan financing.
- gas is five million dollars a gallon.
- mass credit debt
- foreclosures
do. the. math.

* while politicians pretty much always make me cringe, i would rather gouge out my eyes with a rusty spoon, while pouring lemon juice in the gaping wounds than to listen to hillary clinton say anything else about her "vision."

* you'd think that graduate students would like to discuss and actually think about what we're covering in class, right? silly me.

* i miss you. i know. i don't call, i don't write... i still heart you.

*bebe and i planted marigolds on earth day. we check them every day.

* i will be paying on medical bills for the next 7 years. no shit. and i have "insurance." it is pretty pathetic when your choices (in the wealthiest country in the world, mind you) are to leave a potentially deadly tumor in your body or go ahead and have it removed knowing you can't pay. ohm yeah - if anyone ever tells you that hospitals will "work with you" on payments - or - "as long as you pay something..." times have changed.

* i need a nap, a hug and vacation - two of which i may be able to realistically swing - one of which i desperately need.

* in an act of early celebration, i bought my favorite bottle the other night after finding out we received an 'a' on our group presentation. i also now have an 'a' in statistics... how? i have no idea. but i'm toasting myself, as we speak. speaking of favorites...

* this is my new favorite quote:
"but if you can't rape your wife, who can you rape?"
uttered by senator bob wilson, circa 1979 ... and this is a huge part of the problem, still, today.

* i heard those cops that unloaded 50 bullets into an unarmed man in nyc were aquitted yesterday. i'd like to hear how this slaughter was even remotely justified by the judge.

* i think i want to dye my hair. silverrrrrrrr. yeah.

that is all.

carry on.


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