15 January 2008

i don't know why...

...things like this even surprise me anymore.

i sent out a bulletin on myspace earlier about kucinich. in a nutshell, he was invited by nbc to be a part of the presidential debate in nevada. they then changed their minds. he sued. judge ruled that he would be a part of the debate.

i got home from class to find that an hour before the debate, the supreme court of nevada stepped in and overruled the decision. no kucinich in debate.

this is america, friends. where the candidates for president can't be heard. nader, revisited.

after i sent out the bulletin this afternoon, a friend replied "Not like it matters anyway. Have you read any of the stuff about the vote fraud in New Hampshire? Looks like Diebold and friends will be delivering the Dem nomination to Hillary."

yeah! but THIS! this is DIFFERENT!

the irony of all of this is, of course, that kucinich is the quintessential peace candidate. he was *against* the iraq invasion, he was *against* nafta and the ftaa. he is essentially *for* most everything that i'am. he is the only candidate out there that something in me actually trusts.

hillary? seriously? with the mudslinging b.s. her camp pulled with obama? is rove back in the saddle?

sure! i'll take some bush lite with the heaping, steaming pile of crap i'm being served. this is not what the meal i ordered looked like in the picture.

i want to like obama. i really really really do. there's just something in the way he talks about uniting the two parties... my mama didn't raise no fool. it really is up for us to unite as people, not for the government to unite. there is a balance that should occur there. and while this balance may be presently lacking - it is still kind of there. obama's wife, michelle, delights me. she means it. she means every word.

and edwards. edwards... he speaks, and i feel completely indifferent.

i'm not even going to venture to the right. suffice it say, varying shades of old, mean white guys. i know, i know... how positively tawdry of me. romney, huckabee, and mccain... i watched one of their "debates" - they shouldn't have called it a debate. it should have been called a circle jerk. one of my litmus tests for elected officials has always been to accertain whether or not i would invite the person into my home to break bread and rap with. of the three, nada.

but i digress.

kucinich. focus kara, focus.

so yeah. i want to implore you to go read up on him. if he's important enough to be banned from a debate in a race in which he's running in, he's important enough that we should at least know who is and know what he is trying to say.

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