29 December 2007

i had a friend years ago

that was constantly amazed by the odd connections i experienced in my life. he worked at one of the neighboring restaurants and would always come sit at my bar and play fun games with me while i worked after he finished his shift.

one night he said, "how is it that i need bread and milk, so i go to the grocery store and get bread and milk - but when you go to the grocery store for bread and milk, it turns out that the circus is in town for one day only, and you come home with bread, milk AND a monkey???" it made me laugh pretty hard when he said it, and i always think of it when synchronicity strikes. like tonight.

of course the impetus for all of this is one dwr, someone i have known since i moved to kansas city. i think that everyone in kc proper knows david wayne, so i won't pretend to be all special about it. we did however have a special tori amos moment that i won't rehash lest he reads this little blog. but i digress. i've changed a lot over the years, but have always somehow managed to run into david wayne through all of the various incarnations that i call my life. i guess you could say that he's kind of like god in that Everywhere All Of The Time sort of way, or like santa claus, but different. he's just an all around great guy. he tried to leave myspace a few weeks ago and i'm really glad he didn't.

so last night, dwr's little changeable status thingymabub indicated that he was having back pain issues of some sort. i cruised over to send him a message, to ask if he was ok. he was. while i was over on his page, i noticed that one of his friends shared one of my dog's names - hadley. it isn't a very common name, so i clicked over with the intention of sending her a note. i saw that she was from here, but currently living in paris. i found this to be quite amusing, as will had given pooch hadley to me while i was reading his favorite book, "a moveable feast" by his fave author, hemingway. the 'feast is hemingway's memoir of living in paris. hadley was the name of hemingway's first wife. she had flaming red hair, and so did/does pooch. ergo, hadley.

will and i have been discussing moving, for seriously, for quite awhile now. i've been angling for this little island in canada - will has been angling for paris. my canadian dreams were dashed earlier this week, at least for the time being, so i'd started thinking about paris, or maybe seattle.

i decided instead that i would send human hadley a note, asking how she was living there, and to hopefully pick her brain about ideas for us - after concluding that "hey! you have the same name as my dog!" was a little bizarro. even for me. then i didn't send a note after all.

and forgot about it.

bear with me, i swear this going somewhere really fun.

i got a wild hair earlier today after messing with the bills and decided i'd call one of my co-workers and beg for her shift. she gave it to me. my second table ordered drinks and i carded the girl that ordered the beer. as i was handing her id back, i noticed her name was hadley. i know, right? what are the odds? her name registered as i rang the order - which is a tad odd, as i normally don't notice names, just birthdates. so i took my bad self back to the table and said, "what's your name?" she said, "hadley." i said, "do you live in paris?" she said, ...yeeess?"

i about fell over. there she was, in the flesh.

so i told her the story, about my poking about her myspace page last night and how i almost had written her.

she says she wouldn't mind at all, giving me the scoop on paris. she then tells me that she lives above HEMINGWAY'S parisian hang out (where he most likely penned the 'feast), that her landlord lives here and DAVID WAYNE introduced them. she's in school there. and HER CAT'S NAME IS RILEY!!!

so, yeah. synchronicity times 50. but we aren't through yet.

when she was finished eating, i asked her what she was studying. fashion design, says she. as i'm always also delighted that someone might know of my undergrad alma mater, i asked if she was familiar with parson's - another division of the new school university.


she STUDIES at parsons - in paris. i didn't even realize there was a campus there.

did i mention that i love me some synchronicity?

the first spare second i had, i rang will and told him we're moving to paris.

so that's that.

parle vous francais? my three years of high school french have escaped me. i think bebe knows more than i do now.

and thank you, david wayne. i owe you.

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