21 November 2007

thanksgiving ramblings

at the risk of sounding self-righteous, which is not my intention on any level, why do we need a day to be thankful - one based in such horrid events? why can't we be thankful everyday, and run the gamut of all emotions that are part and parcel of a healthy emotional life? daily i find myself thankful, pissed off, joyful, disturbed, elated, worried... the trick, i think, is to acknowledge all of these parts of us, embrace them and keep on moving on . loving, using our powers for good, speaking out and living life - not allowing our lives to live us. we can't get stuck in any of those moments, whatever form they take...

i don't say it enough, but i'm thankful for what each and every one of you has brought into my life. every day. i don't need to eat a turkey to prove it. and i won't. :)

so, thank you. 365 days a year.




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