10 January 2008

so i'm cleaning...

...like this chic:

minus the meth, of course. i've never understood the allure of wanting to put something in your system that the production of has the potential to blow up a city block. then again, i can't count the # of times people have said to me, "i want some of what you're on." which is nothing. i'm naturally this way, for better or for worse. always have been.

that commercial always cracked me up, though. for reals. for an anti-drug spot, i can think of more than a few peeps that would be delighted to have that kind of energy to do anything with.

but i digress. less talk, more action. back to it.

p/s - if anyone is particularly good with statistics, i may need some tutoring. i threw up a little bit when i flipped through my statisitcs book for class.

i'm a big fan of the barter system. while i won't meth clean your casa, i'm good at lots of other stuff.

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