24 November 2007

jane! get me off this crazy thing!


i caught bebe's cold.
i caught will's stomach bug a week into the cold.
got rid of the bug
still have the "cold."

i have been sick now, for almost three weeks. fever, horrible cough, blah blah blah. i went to my doc, who gave me some herbal and homeopathic stuff, as my old standbys of cayenne pepper and garlic lemonade weren't doing the trick.

i started taking it. spent three days feeling completely weird. face tingling, unable to think clearly, disoriented.

after i dropped the boys off at the family gathering on thanksgiving so i could come home and lay down, i got dizzy enough that i almost passed out twice while driving. thinking my illness had morphed into pneumonia, i took my bad self to the e.r.

i told the triage nurse i'm allergic to penicillin. i told the nurse i'm allergic to penicillin. i told the doctor (who made "the face" about my herbal remedies) that i'm allergic to penicillin.

guess what the doctor wrote the prescription for?


i told the discharge nurse i'm deathly allergic to penicillin. again. she says it is fine. take it.

still fairly certain i've not been able to take this either in the past, i called the pharmacy and told them i'm allergic to penicillin. they said no amoxicillin for me.

i now have a different antibiotic and a decongestant. still feeling horrid, but at least my face isn't tingling anymore and i'm not dizzy.

i have my breast surgery, if i'm well enough - and a huge paper due next week. all i want to do is sleep.

another project is due the following week.

a final exam the week after that, and a different surgery.

body, don't fail me now!!!

i just needed to vent.

all i can really do at this point is laugh, ya know?

when a doctor and two nurses try to kill me... well. you know something is messed up. ;)

that is all.

carry on.




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