28 October 2006

at long last, my happies

thanks be to melissa for lighting a fire under my arse* to actually finish what i started, instead of talking about it and getting sidetracked. again.

but first, riddle me this - if the u.s. is "winning the war on terror," shouldn't the terror threat alert reflect this? hmmmmmmm.... elevated: significant risk of terror attacks ain't winnin' nuthin'.

now onto the 10 happies!

1. my partner and bebe. i get to share this life with two of bestest, coolest, most fantastical boys ever. i have the best partner in the history of the world. and i didn't know that it was humanly possible to love someone as much as love my 'lil bundle of awesomeness, bebe. that laugh. that laugh...

2. my friends. i have no idea how to tell you how much you mean to me. there are no words.

3. products that don't poison people. one fine example is bioshield paints. no off-gassing, no nasties. non-toxic. amen.

4. shampoo bars from prairieland herbs. these things just all around rock. they also are made from all natural goodies. no chemicals or petroleum by-products. plus they smell yummy.

5. fall. the leaves are absolutely georg-eous. firey red all around my 'hood. crisp air that just feels cleaner and smells so fresh, so dry leafy. the sound of the fallen leaves racing one another up the street. my favorite time of year.

6. uncle eddie's vegan chocolate chip cookies. mouth party.

7. bringing the outdoors, indoors. the house is littered with pine cones, rocks, sticks and leaves. i'm obsessive when it comes to collecting things from our outdoor adventures. i feel such an organic connectedness to nature that i must have it all around me in order to maintain my delicate balance.

8. books. they saved me as a child and continue to do so today.

9. hope.

10. the scavengers that come and rescue items from the curb in the hours before bulky trash pick-up day. yay for reusing! freecycle, of course, is the next best thing.

*melissa didn't LITERALLY light a fire under my arse, of course. she wouldn't do that. she's cool.



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