23 October 2006

the audacity!

so i just made the mistake of watching a network newscast - wgn out of chicago, to be exacting. you know how i like to be exacting...

they were reporting on the latest from the whitehouse regarding the miserable, murderous, criminal, unethical FAILURE of a policy on iraq. their version, of course, was much nicer than mine - instead of a variation of the word 'murder,' the random whitehouse insider spokesperson chose the word 'sacrifice' - with a knowing look to boot - as if he really knows, feels that sacrifice. personally. and naturally, a couple of points did ruffle these fair feathers. i don't know what i was thinking. i don't know why i watched.

* bush is apparently chatting with numerous generals in an attempt to stay the course, uh, i mean, change the course. sorry for the slip - i've heard it so much now that you really can't blame me. in any event, it was reported that bush is listening to suggestions, then telling said generals to just go ahead and call the shots. hold up! isn't the commander in chief supposed to the end-all-be-all-say-all? sure, get some input from people that have actually served, as opposed to playing pretend soldier, but the ultimate call needs to come from the commander in chief. period. no matter how innane the idea may be. which leads me to this brilliant insight straight from our nation's capital:

* those dern iraqis need to get their own security forces whipped into shape asap! AND get their medical treatment/facilities up to standard asap (nevermind that much of iraq is still reeling from our first pillage and plummage through the land where bush senior promised to rebuild and never did - OR that the casualties are more than likely caused by american weapons and bombs)! AND break up those tricksey little militias (the shia/sunni battle is not one that will be ending anytime soon - good luck with that)! AND make us all a sandwich in their free time (light on the mayo, heavy on the ham, lettuce, spicy mustard, tomato, one slice of cheddar, one slice of pepper-jack, 6 dill pickles, onion, cut into four triangles, no crust, one slice white bread - one slice wheat. kidding. i don't even eat meat)!

c'mon, now! seriously. the country has been dissolving into the abyss of no return since we invaded and illegally overthrew a government (how quickly we forget that ousting was in direct opposition to international law) - and now america has the audacity to say, "get it together. like, yesterday, already!"

that said, even if we were to pull out tomorrow, we still have a responsibility that comes with shocking and aweing a country with our mighty show of force. unlike bush senior, who encouraged the iraqi people to rise up against their evil dictator with the promise that we'd have their back, only to leave them dangling in the wind to be slaughtered - with much of their infrastructure destroyed. i guess we did instate some no-fly zones. that was helpful. then we slapped some sanctions on. those worked. that's a whole 'nother rant for a whole 'nother day. considering that we can't even get the schools up and running that were wiped out by hurricane katrina, or provide health insurance for the 44 million people plus in this country that go without, or... or... or...

but i digress - back to the newscast. the tony snow/john kerry (?!) soundbites in the segment made it sound like they were chastising the whole of iraq for not having a better grip on the events and situations that AMERICA singlehandedly set into motion. say it with me: The. Audacity. i have a horrible feeling that bush's general's tough love tactic is only going to exacerbate an already terrible scenario and leave more dead. many more dead. with no end in sight. :(

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