28 October 2006

cheney's no-brainer dunk in the water

of course he wasn't referring to waterboarding. the president even says no, we don't torture. only trouble is, the recently passed military commissions act of 2006 says it's a-ok to do so. i suppose if one calls an act of torture "interrogation" instead, it's entirely different. forget about the pictures of torture we saw out of abu ghraib prison - they were just interrogating. as much as i'd like to think that the democrats would overturn this travesty of an act, i also know a whole bunch of them had to have voted for it to get it to pass.

why do i have the feeling if this were happening to me i might admit to anything just to make them stop? suffice it to say, i have drowning issues. that's the only no-brainer about waterboarding as an interrogation practice, in my humble opinion. i know what follows what a set-up, yet, i'm still shaking after viewing it.

in the following clip, kaj larsen (an ex-navy seal), hired two interrogators to be filmed waterboarding him. it was part of his investigation on waterboarding for current tv, owned by al gore.

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