24 October 2006

i'm compounded with writer's block

who knows why. could be catching from anthony, or it could be my fear of not coming up with the perfect guest blogger blog that someone has invited me to write. *sigh* or i could just be tired. or out of words. oh, god! please let me not be out of words! a kara without words is like a waitress without a pen. unless, of course, said waitress is really great at remembering multiple orders...

in any event, i'd like to introdue you to mi amigo, stephan smith. if you've not heard of him, you should.

you may remember - i *met* stephan after searching for him high and low for months after hearing a couple of his songs on an adbusters magazine compilation cd several years ago. i'd given up on finding more by him and sadly moved on with my life, head hanging.

i decided to go back to school to finish my degree and logged into my first course at the new school university - a class about the the zapatistas. guess who just happened to be in my class? yup. stephan. he was finishing his degree that semester. of course, i emailed him promptly and told him that i'd been looking for him for months. he, in turn, sent me two of his cd's. synchronicity strikes again! a few months later, he came here while on tour and played a show at hubby's bookstore and crashed here for a few days. we always catch up with him when we visit nyc. he's a great guy and a talented musician.

here is one of my favorite tunes. it is timeless and especially relevant today.

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