19 October 2006

oh, seriously, now!

according to recently released documents from the u.s. department of defense, various stop the war rallies have been labeled as "potential terrorist activity."


i can hear it now, "oh, kara - you and your conspiracy theories." sorry, folks. this one comes straight from the new york times via internal d.o.d. documents released to the american civil liberties union under the freedom of information act.

and now, it is perfectly legal to detain and even torture any of these so-called terrorists - indefinitely. with no legal recourse in sight. welcome to the new america, where freedom of speech and the right to peaceably assemble is terrorist activity. where, in order to protect america from those who wish to destroy her from the outside, we shall destroy ourselves from the inside instead.

the right to face your accusers - gone. the right to view the evidence against you - gone. the right of your property and person to be protected from unlawful search and seizure - gone. the right to judicial review - gone. the right to not be tortured if you refuse to talk - gone. the right to an attorney - gone. you get the picture.

"Freedom of the person under the protection of the habeas corpus I deem [one of the] essential principles of our government." --Thomas Jefferson: 1st Inaugural Address, 1801.

h/t to carbon paper + les enrages

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