25 October 2006

in the spirit of thursday thirteen

it is thursday, right? wait. it's wednesday. drat. well, since i'm ever so depressed and angered after listening to segments of bush's press conference this morning, i'm going to go ahead and do this posting that i'd planned for tomorrow, today. 13 things that make me happy, that i like. a lot. it will be a wednesday 13. because i can. because i have the freedom to do so - a freedom that our soldiers have fought so hard to protect. a freedom to change all the rules. i think. i do, don't i? have freedom? i can't really tell anymore.

i shall force myself to think about something other than what color drapes all of the r's are planning on hanging in their offices on capitol hill after they win the upcoming election, according to our fearful leader. i won't think about how bush thinks "we're winning" - even though he stated "mission accomplished" on may 1st, nearly 3 years ago. i also won't think about how the megalomaniac reminded us all that he has two more years left in office in which to shred the constitution just a wee bit more. in addition, i won't think about how he implies that we all have the wrong idea about the bloodshed and death and carnage and mayhem in iraq - how the media is distorting the truth. apparently, it really isn't all that bad. the fighting is only in five of the provinces. no biggie. so my question is this - if we're calling people up to serve that should have retired and we're still utilizing mass numbers of reservists, then why can't they get a handle on it? PEOPLE ARE BEING SLAUGHTERED. period. one more death is one too many, in a whole list of already too many sacrificed for a sticky black substance that americans are far too addicted to in the first place. i definitely wont't think about, how, simultaneously, he kept repeating we're at war. uh, with who? the iraqi people? we're supposed to be helping them, not aiding and abetting - or even being a party to, their deaths.

and he thinks that i don't understand how dangerous the world is? pish posh.

right now, before i sink into an abyss, i must think of fluffy white kittens and warm woolen mittens-- these are a few of my favorite things...

ah, geez.

wouldn't you know it? as i attempted to start my list, it all seemed so trite in comparison. just can't do it. it feels like bursting out laughing at a funeral. perhaps i will save my list for tomorrow after all. instead, i need to wallow a bit longer. sometimes, wallowing is in order. and watching this video, directed by one of my favoritist artists. there. there's one thing that makes me happy.



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