27 October 2006

hannah and leo

perhaps if she hadn't shunned him and they had sat in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g, we wouldn't have the neo-conservative stronghold we have today. i have a friend that swears this is all her fault, but i can't say that i blame her for it one bit. it is rumoured that she said she didn't date nazis... though, apparently, she did. just not leo. hannah who? arendt. leo who? strauss. i'm certain that you're wondering why all of this matters. sit tight. i'm getting there.

now, there also happens to be many that claim connecting the neo-conservatives to strauss is ridiculous. i disagree. they all, at some point, have spoken about how wonderful he was, how he inspires their thought and action. 'nuff said. daddy of the neo-cons.

what kills me about bush being elected/re-elected is that the republican voters actually fell for the neo-conservative-in-republican's-clothing routine. they still haven't figured it out! there isn't a thing about this administration that is conservative. other descriptors come to mind: wasteful, consuming, destructive, warmongering, fear inciting... as another one of my pals likes to say, "the only true conservatives in this country are the amish." and in the sense of conservation, i have to agree.

but back to hannah and leo and neo-conservatives. what i find to be most interesting, is that the neo-cons that have gained power today were once liberals. jimmy carter's military might wasn't quite mighty enough for them, so they swung to the right. faaaaaaaaarrrrrrr right. i may come back to visit this all again later, when me eyes aren't so heavy - but i found these videos earlier and just have to pass them along. lengthy, yes. worth it? you betcha. it is american neo-conservative history, strauss, al qaeda, and the use of fear in politics all in one! ok, three really, but under the umbrella of one! you can't beat that with a stick. i can't believe i missed this when it came out. i'm losing my edge in my old age... eh - better late than never.

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