17 October 2006

terror training camps on the web

on the heels of bush signing the terror suspect bill into law, homeland security secretary michael chertoff issues this ominous discovery, "we now have the capability of someone to radicalize himself over the internet." there are terrorist training camps in my cyberspace! oh, how i love the smell of b.s. in the morning... it's a little difficult to practice your newly learned skills from a keyboard, isn't it? i can barely keep my internet connection running smoothly. rest assured, even with high speed cable access, terrorists will be hard pressed to get any real organization accomplished. not to mention anonymity. how do you really know who you're talking to? radicalterrorist@yahoo could really just be a middle-aged u.s. representative looking for his jollies.

anyhoo - let me just go see what i can find. here's one! and another! but wait! there's more! ok, so they "closed" that one down and changed the name. same difference. let's see, what else can i find? oh! here! my google search for cyberspace terrorist training camps turned up nada. zilch. zero.

so what will the newly formed commission do? wire tap the net as they've wire-tapped phones? or maybe we could just ban the world wide web altogether. bye bye, bloggy. i will miss you.

i know, i shouldn't make light of terrorism threats. but if bush can say, laughing, "there have got to be some wmds in here somewhere," while poking around in the oval office, anything is fair game. newsflash - our current course of foreign policy is doing nothing but breeding more terrorists. we have no one to blame but ourselves.

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