12 February 2008

i don't trust suits

that's right. i don't trust suits. you have your stereotypes, i have mine. granted, mine are deeply rooted in opposite land - as it would appear from my social psychology course this term.

but it digress.


i fully understand that in our culture the suit is a status symbol. for many an onlooker, it is the epicenter of what the aforementioned many deem to be a "success." if one wears a suit, it is understood that said suit wearer is dedicated, powerful, a good contributing member of society and is situated in a position far far "above" the majority of the world's citizens. or so he would like to think. seriously, friends - this little Gambling Project Smoke And Mirrors set-up we've created/"live" in is enormously clever.

now me, on the other hand...

i see a suit, and i immediately wonder how much of my money will be attempted to be coerced from me via fear talk and lies from the mouth of a yesman. line of work? doesn't matter. that really sounds more bitter than it is. it is just what it is.

exhibit a: click here.
see? i'll take bets on whether that meeting is about saving you or i any money or grief.

i don't trust suits.

and it is because of this that i realized what my off feeling was when i would see obama speak - the one that i had up until two nights ago when he was answering a question about education.

i don't remember all of the specifics, but he was answering it and talking about how parents need to be active in their children's lives also.

to which i replied, "what? what about single moms working three sorely underpaid back-breaking jobs to keep food in the house and only sees her kids for 2 hours a day?!" at the exact same time i was saying that to will - i also had that feeling - you know it - the i was wrong! he's yet another completely out-of-touch politician. and i voted for him.

no sooner were the words from lips when obama spoke again, about how we also needed to take into consideration, the struggle of the single mother...

hell. yeah.

and i FINALLY nailed down that "off" feeling.

obama doesn't seem like he should be wearing a suit.

obama isn't a suit.

as it stands, the majority of "us" thinks we MUST have a leader. and that's why i hope obama wins this game.

obama isn't a suit.

and these dudes rock too.

p/s - if anyone wants to make up their own little caption for the picture, i won't stop you.


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