19 January 2008


remember my neighbor? in a nutshell, when i hadn't seen him come out for a couple of days last month, i got worried and called the police. they found him on the floor. he was sent to the hospital, then to a nursing home for rehabilitation.

apparently, the nursing home had to send him back to the hospital a few days ago. i've called every hospital in the area, he isn't listed anywhere. i called back out to the nursing home to find out where they sent him for certain - and after several re-routings, they say they can't find his chart. they don't know where he is. it could be one of 4 hospitals, all of which i've already called.

how is it that a person can be lost like this? i'm really concerned about him and i have no idea how to find him. are we really this dispensable, as people and individuals?

i've called the social worker he had initially at the hospital, after the fall, and left a message. she won't be in until monday. so now, i wait. and hope he's ok.


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