02 February 2008

the surgery

just a quick note... i really appreciate all of the well-wishes, healing vibes and lovely notes you all have sent me. i'm trying my darndest to respond to everyone, but i'm sleepy, owie and groggy. i've never understood the love of painkillers - i can't stand not being able to think clearly, but pain is no fun, either. the hardest part is that i can't pick up bebe for two weeks. he doesn't understand. he keeps trying to pretend to grab my owie and throw it over his shoulder. he says he is "getting rid of the owie surgery for mommy." sweet bebe.

so after a sleepless night thursday, we got up bright and early to head for the hospital. after talking to the anesthesiologist, he decided on a local with i.v. sedation. i was happy that i wouldn't be completely knocked out. or so i thought. i was out like light for the duration, but woke up while still in the surgery area, as they were rolling me out. i was alert enough that i skipped recovery and went straight to phase 2. after drinking a little and eating some crackers, i was on my way home!

my surgeon told will that she didn't think it looked like cancer and the results would be back sometime next week. my mom is up until sunday, helping me with bebe, while will works... they are having a grand time together!

and oddly enough - it feels really strange to know that something that has been growing inside of my breast for 17 years is now gone... i can't really explain it. i do feel much better now that it is out - it is as if a weight has been lifted from me. but in the same breath, i have watched/felt it grow for over like half of my life!

and now i'm off to rest. i think i did too much yesterday. i started running a fever last night, though i think that's probably normal. today i promised myself i would go easier... i'm going to try my hardest. :)


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