07 February 2008

so, um, yeah. pathology reports are in...

let me first say that i'am not freaking out. when the initial results of what shall hereforth be called 'the lump' came back as possibly scary, i freaked out. (inserting 'lost' reference here) but as jack would say, i let myself be afraid to the count of 5... i decided then "if" it was "something" - i would kick its ass, and it would be sorry it ever came to live in kara. 'cause that's how i do.

i just want to talk about this. it makes no sense. and while i'm not freaking out, i'am concerned.

right as i was leaving for class tonight, my surgeon's nurse called with the pathology report. she said that the lump was benign. whew! then she said that it was a particular type of tumor, (i believe phyllodes? my phonetic scribbling as she spoke turned up nothing on a google search) that may come back. she said they may just watch it, they may have to go back in and remove the surrounding tissue.

benign? more surgery? i asked why, if it was benign, would they need to do further tissue removal? she put me on hold and asked the other doctor, as my doc is out until monday. she got back on, told me not to worry, but that another surgery was a possibility. my doc would need to look at the pathology report and compare that to what she saw during surgery to give the best guess.

so i counted to 5... and to be honest, i've counted to five a few times tonight, in my head. sometimes one has to do it more than once.

i still don't know how benign can spread. do you? have you ever heard of such a thing? if so, spill. i'm all ears.

i think i'm going to call again tomorrow and see if i can find out anything else. i'm a specifics grrrrl. i like having all the info.

while you're here - could you head over yonder and click your mouse?


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