23 April 2007

friends of catherine

i'm worried sick about my friend. she's been hospitalized again, for reasons that seem to keep eluding the doctors... it seems that they have an idea of what is causing the myriad of painful symptoms that are also causing her to randomly lose consciousness - but nothing is set in stone as of yet. they think it is something neurological in nature, as well as a heart condition that may require surgery at some point. the surgery sounds to be dependent on a lot of factors, though - but it is still out there as an option... this has been going on for a couple of months now. i can't even imagine what this must be like for her - or for her husband and her children. her littlest one is just a few months younger than bebe. it sounds as if they are all hanging in there ok, all things considered. it is amazing the strength and positivity that surfaces in times like this.

and because the united states collectively seems to mock the idea of affordable or universal healthcare insurance for working families - here i'am, hat in hand, asking for your help. they have no health insurance, and attempts at financial assistance have either been met or turned down up to this point.

the money aspect of all of this is adding a whole 'nother level of stress that shouldn't be. i've set up a site over at chipin for catherine with all of the details - there's also a way to donate money through the site. i set it up so that the cash raised will go directly into her account...

please feel no pressure to chip in, but if you can, and would like to, it would be greatly appreciated - even if it is just a bit. i also know that healing vibes and get well wishes sent her direction would be fantastic as well.

thank you so much!!!!!



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