31 March 2007

this and that

i'm not certain if anyone is even reading anymore, but here goes! i'm baaaa-aaack!

it seems that the house stuff that has been a major stress on our lives over the past solid 5 months is resolving somewhat for now. signing papers in an hour for a re-fi after exhausting all of our options we have at this time. looks like we got in just in time, too. what. a. mess.

i got my acceptance letter for grad school in the mail yesterday. i have to suss out financial aid stuffs now - i hope it's not too late! thanks pam - i know your letter of recommendation had something to do with this! :) and the biggest THANK YOU to all of you that read my statement and encouraged me through these last icky awful months. your kindness will never be forgotten. ever. you have no idea.

i'm starting to feel like a human again. the idea that my life is living me and not me living my life is no bueno. it isn't perfect, but it's a start. i'm also looking for a part time serving gig to supplement what we need, at least until school begins. so far, no luck. my old boss was delighted to hear from me, there just doesn't seem to be any room behind the bar just yet, at least not with my availability.



i'm really really really torn about the deadline date for withdrawing from iraq. i don't want another year to pass. i want this nightmare to end yesterday... i'm assuming that a lot of this has to do with political positioning on the part of the d's - pelosi stopped with the impeachment talk, knowing that impeachment would mean the d's would have little or no chance of taking the whitehouse in 2008. seems that this move with withdrawing troops is along the same lines. i'm a bit disappointed with move on for this reason as well. once again, the d's have let me down. not all of them, but many. i know that barbara lee and kucinich didn't vote for this plan of doing the least amount of something to placate those of us that want an end to this occupation. i know, i know... it's a start - it is something, but i can't help but feel horribly sad and torn on the whole issue. more band aids for cuts that need stitches. it wears me down. how many more have to die?

also, i've just joined up with the out of iraq bloggers! you want to come along? here's the info and i'll be updating my blogroll accordingly:

Out Of Iraq Bloggers Caucus - Reciprocal Blogroll

A group of us started organizing an "Out Of Iraq Blogroll" over at TalkLeft a while back, based on Big Tent Democrat's idea of the Out Of Iraq Bloggers Caucus.

The Blogroll is a reciprocal link list of "Out Of Iraq Bloggers" that will be posted separately from other blogrolls and displayed on each member blog to identify them as part of the Out Of Iraq Bloggers Caucus (as conceived by Armando Llorens aka Big Tent Democrat) to help increase traffic to all of the member blogs and get the message out as widely as possible
that the Iraq Debacle must be ended as soon as possible, and that there should be no more bills passed funding it beyond an established date certain for withdrawal.

The Out Of Iraq Blogroll is intended to be a roll of bloggers that are:

1) Opposed to the Iraq Supplemental Appropriations Bill.
2) Opposed to funding Bush's Iraq Occupation Debacle.
3) Committed to getting the troops home as soon as possible.
4) Determined to end George W. Bush's Iraq and Mid-East Debacle as quickly as possible.
5) Determined to restore some sanity to the world.

To join the Blogroll email me: edger10@gmail.com - I am volunteering to do my best to review blogs and initially maintain it - and as new blogs join I will keep the blogroll current at Edgeing.

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