20 April 2007

open letter to john mccain

dear john,

NOW i get it! acts of war are FUNNY - how clever and insightful and SMART of you to change the lyrics of that beach boys tune, barbara ann, to bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb iran. i now see the light, thanks to your infinite wisdom! have you seen the video of yourself yet? watch it quickly - they are getting pulled down left and right from youtube.

but i digress. bombs are FUNNY. inflicting terror on people who did nothing more than to happen to be born in a particular tiny corner of the world, and at the mercy of ass like leaders such as yourself, is FUNNY! so very, very, very funny. ah. give me a moment to catch my breath. my sides hurt from laughing so hard! to show my appreciation, i thought i'd put together a little collage for your further amusement. enjoy!

john, you whily rascal, you... the rumor on the streets of d.c. is that you'd sell ANYTHING for just one more vote, but i don't think that's true - especially after today. and i can hear what you're thinking right now - yeah - i guess in my old age, i just can't take a joke. thank you so much for enlightening me and helping me to realize the humor in all the pain and suffering and destruction that war brings with it. 9/11 was funny. oklahoma city was funny. bombing afhganistan was funny. bombing iraq was funny. and bombing iran will be funny too!


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