03 April 2007

OMBFP - a day late!

Try to imagine yourself as a lifelong Iraqi citizen.

it is fairly difficult for me to imagine what the life of an iraqi citizen would be like. i think such a life would be one filled with a tremendous amount of fear and pain and suffering.

*two decades of living under a brutal regime, only to have more fear, death and torture brought upon them by those claiming to liberate them. somehow the citizens of iraq are supposed to believe that those that came to "shock and awe" them are really there to help now. a psychological nightmare.
*the first u.s. led invasion that left infrastructure in shambles and resulted in sanctions that only harmed the people - sanctions that were responsible for the deaths of approximately 500,000 children.
*poisoned earth and air from the depleted uranium we use in our weapons that has sent cancer and birth deformity rates soaring.

i can't imagine what the pressures of hearing explosions and gunfire do to a person on a day to day basis. i simply can't imagine. the fear. the stress. the unknowns with no end in sight. that said...

What do you think would motivate you?

i imagine that i would want the same things that most anyone does, no matter where they are in the world. an end to the violence. a safe place to live, eat, work and sleep. love. truth. beauty. freedom from tyranny. to know that these things are all a possibility is would give me the strength to carry on and continue to have hope.

How do you think your life would change if foreign combatants left the country?

there would be hope for all of those things that were promised. as long as foreign combatants remain, violence will certainly ensue - something that the u.s. knew would happen by going in and illegally ousting a leader. while it would take awhile to bring about an atmosphere that is more stable and less destructive, the very act of the combatants leaving may provide the impetus for change. the money being spent by the occupying countries on machines of destruction and weapons of warring could be better spent building back what has been destroyed, feeding those that are hungry.

How do you think you would feel about the United States and other occupying countries?

i most certainly would be angry and would have lost any trust i may have had in the occupying countries - especially the u.s. - it would be extremely difficult to have faith in any people in positions of power. i think i would also wonder why any citizen in any of the occupying countries would support what was happening to my fellow countrypeople, my land, my family and friends. i would wonder why they were allowing their leaders to do what they have done and continue to do. i might even feel a little sorry for them and their pathetic shows of force and might. only nasty, ugly people perpetrate such crimes against humanity and then have the audacity to say they aren't keeping track of a body count - and don't lift a finger to try and help in the hospitals that are sorely understaffed and lacking basic medical supplies to care for what they've inflicted. i would wonder if they would feel the same if it were them instead of me, their families instead of mine. i think i would want them to leave.


p/s - hang up on war.

p/p/s - diplomacy, 2 - war, 0.

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