19 April 2007

i feel like i've been neglecting you...

...oh, dearest blog. i promise i'll try harder from here on in.

i missed tuesday's blog for peace topic. i sit down and try to write about this war, and i go blank. even with a prompt. i'm so tired of it all, i just want it to stop. now. writing about anything else going on in my little teeny,tiny corner of the world seems so trivial in comparison with the events of late. so much death. so much violence. so much suffering. it almost feels disrespectful to think and write of other things, but today, i must. i need some balance. there is so much to say, and so little space in one posting - i have so many thoughts swimming about in my head, it's difficult to put them down to paper - or keyboard, as the case may be. i feel so very busy. i've not been keeping up well on my blog reading, either. baddest me. i miss everyone!

i'm headed into work my first official shift back tonight. i've also started working from home, lots of miscellaneous stuff. some data entry, some phone answering... i went to the gym for the first time this morning to try out a class i want to take once a week. needless to say - no one better sit upstairs tonight in my section if they want fast service. ha! i had no idea so much could fit into an hour long class - or that my muscles would get such the workout! and bebe, sweetest bebe... i've asked him if he would be willing to share just 1/4 of his energy level with his old mama. he replied in song, "get up, stand up! don't give upa fight!" he's apparently also too busy channeling bob marley and having the perfect thing to say (or sing) to mama just when she needs to hear it. and, most importantly, he NEVER fails to remind me to live in the moment.

here you go, bebe! i love you more than you will ever know.

p/s - words, not weapons.

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