18 July 2007


edited to add this i just stumbled across at betmo's place:

injustice in jena. scroll down to the article. wtf???!!! injustice. is. an. understatement.


A new report about terrorism issued by U.S. intelligence agencies brought the sobering news that, while groups like al-Qaida may be somewhat constrained in terms of their ability to attack American targets at home, the threat they pose will continue to be significant in coming years.

THANK YOU GEORGE W. BUSH!!! way to go! YOU have successfully created a significant threat to ALL americans with your neo-conservative harebrained ideals and wars! bet the numbers of al-qaida supporters have gone through the roof since bombing afghanistan and iraq, don' t you? i heard you say the other day that you were worried that leaving iraq would allow al-qaida to sink their teeth in there... but isn't that what you really hoped for all along? an uprising and desperate people left in the wake of chaos and destruction? you are a traitor and a liar. and you have made us all less safe. clearly, your plans have failed if terrorism is more of a threat today, no?

you can't win a war against ideology. ever. there is nothing to be "won." "we" couldn't begin to "win" what you have created in a 1000 years. admitting you have a problem is half of the battle.

and from alternet: our mighty and esteemed representatives at their very finest.

GO KIT BOND! iran, iraq, whatever....

Notes From The Senate All-Nighter
By Bob Geiger
Posted on July 18, 2007, Printed on July 18, 2007

Here's some miscellaneous notes as I watch Senate Republicans try to say something other than the rubber-stamp talk they've been spitting out for years -- along with a count of how many times they use the same old cynical phrases.

Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX)

Desperate Buzzphrase Count:
# "Cut and run" 6

Kit Bond (R-MO)

Freudian slip in describing the alleged dangers of a troop withdrawal: "If we were to leave Iran without finishing the job…" said Bond.


Desperate Buzzphrase Count:

* "Retreat and defeat" 3
* "Cut and run" 2
* "Run and leave" (See "Cut and run")
* "Embarrass the president" 1

Jim DeMint (R-SC)

DeMint referred to Democrats as the "minority party" until Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) jumped in to correct him.

Desperate Buzzphrase Count:

* "Retreat" 1
* "Embolden our enemies" 1
* "Embarrass the president" 1

Jim Bunning (R-KY)

"Our enemies are watching us and using our debate on the war in Iraq to strengthen themselves," said Bunning, who obviously took too many line drives to the head during his pro baseball career.

Yeah, because our enemies wouldn't get great joy out of seeing the fear they inspire turning American government into a dictatorship, right?

Desperate Buzzphrase Count:

* "MoveOn.org" 2
* "Cut and Run" 2
* "Follow us home" 1


8:34 PM: Reid calls for vote on sending the Sergeant at Arms after Republicans who didn't respond to quorum call. Result: 44-47; Not agreed to, but enough Senators returned to form a quorum.

9:05 PM: Count of Republican objections to proceeding to a vote on Levin-Reed amendment:

* 3:16 PM Senator Lott objects to changing course in Iraq
* 4:02 PM Senator Lott objects to changing course in Iraq
* 6:25 PM Senator Hutchison objects to changing course in Iraq
* 6:31 PM Senator Bond objects to changing course in Iraq
* 7:35 PM Senator Warner objects to changing direction in Iraq

Pure truth from Chuck Schumer (D-NY) to the other side of the aisle: "You'll be joining with us later, if you don't join with us today."

Bob Geiger is a writer, activist and Democratic District Leader in Westchester County, NY.
© 2007 Independent Media Institute. All rights reserved.
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EMBBARRESS THE PRESIDENT??!! good. god. shame on youse.

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