11 July 2007

RAPE = "juicy term" and "inflammatory rhetoric"

sicily sue just sent this cnn news story my way...

a current RAPE case being heard has resulted in the judge banning the words, VICTIM, RAPE and ASSAILANT from coming out of witnesses mouths during the proceedings.

read that again.

i had to.

five times.

you have got to be fucking kidding me.

the defense attorney is quoted as saying that the word RAPE is "inflammatory rhetoric" and a " juicy term." juicy term?!?!? there is NOTHING "juicy" about rape - one of the single most horrific things that a woman can survive. it should be inflammatory - THAT ANY MAN THINKS THAT IT IS EVER OK TO FORCE SEX ON A WOMAN. EVER. that 1 in 6 women CONTINUE to be sexually assaulted in this country should inflame everyone into STOPPING the condoning of RAPISTS and their criminal acts. the judge already took sides, in my opinion.

it is bad enough that most of these guys end up pleading out before the case ever goes to trial and that rape cases are the most difficult to get a conviction on. what next?

as will put it - this is the same thing as not being allowed to say killed in a murder trial.

so now this woman has to take the stand, face the man that raped her as well as a myriad of strangers and a defense attorney that is going to make her life a living hell ALL OVER AGAIN and she can't say she was RAPED?! the kicker? she can BE JAILED if she does!

i can't even begin to describe how this makes me feel, to the very core of me.

the news story is here, it will play after the ad.
note the accused's smug look.

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