14 July 2007

three things...

china: the ex-head of the food and drug agency has been executed for taking bribes from drug companies that resulted in people 'round the world being given nasty and sometimes poisonness/fatal ingredients in their food stuffs, pet food and toothpaste.

if the u.s. executed every politician that took bribes from drug companies, capitol hill would be empty.

my local university - in a nutshell, two complete fuckwads (c. keith haddock and walker s. carlos poston II) will still hold their tenured positions.

a lawsuit was recently settled out of court. here's the skinny:

an associate professor and former student filed a suit against the above mentioned fuckwad professors that operated a lab environment where women were fondled and groped - physically and verbally. one of these charmers was overheard to say that he "would kill someone if he had to," and that he "knew people who could kill people." they also thought it fun to grab female students in a choke hold, kiss them and pull up various pornographic material and torture videos on the computer to show around. they also enjoyed referring to female students as "sluts," and drove numerous women from the program.

the university "investigated." other entities were called. all effectively dropped the ball.

the very best part? when the complaints began to roll in, they were both moved to the medical school and GIVEN RAISES TO THE TUNE OF $20,000 A YEAR AND WERE TENURED. they can't be fired now. and since the case was settled out of court there is apparently no legal proof this happened.


about that video i posted up earlier today - i officially can no longer understand how anyone can support this "war." while i've not been able to get my brain around the pro-turn iraq into a parking lot crowd's thinking since before the invasion, i no longer can show any level of patience or tolerance for anyone that claims to be in favor.

it is cruel and inhumane to subject the soldiers, the citizens, and everyone else in between to what is happening there. it makes me beyond angry to know those calling the shots know damn good and well what they are creating by putting the combat troops through extended tours and hours on. they also know what sort of psychological, emotional and physical damage this is doing to the people that live there. AND THEY CLEARLY DO NOT CARE. anyone that knowingly does this to another person is the sickest of the sick. anyone that supports this is in need of serious psychological evaluation. i used to kind of be able to a least try and "see the other side." no mas.

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