05 July 2007

two posts rocked my world today...

but first, true story.

we took bebe to the zoo yesterday. i have a love/hate relationship with that place. i'm devastated when i see all of the animals that have been taken from their natural habitats and stored away in little bins. i'm also mesmerized when i see them up close... bebe has a book he loves to read, he has it almost memorized. the beebee baby bird. the story is set in a zoo. but i digress. when we got to the orangutan cage, i started feeling awful. it really is a tiny area for such animals to be in. i told will that it just isn't right, that creatures so close to humans in so many ways should be shuffled away to some cage like that. he said, "kinda like humans in offices, huh?" i nodded. then he said, "hmmmm... notice how it's about the same size as the Bar?" knowing i'd be going into work in a few hours, it hit me like a ton of bricks. and it WAS about the same size!

back to the posts.

the first was penned by
fade, the second by bluegrrrl... go read 'em if you haven't, then come on back over.

so, of course, i got to thinking about an einstein quote, "we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

we can't and we won't... something different has to occur, something new and previously untried. that's going to take a lot of doing from a society that chooses to ignore what is clearly in front of them - one that would rather overwhelmingly take a pill to make it all go away, thinking that something must be wrong with self - rather than dig in and confront the root of their dis-ease. i mean dis-ease in the sense of unease. yes, something is terribly, horribly wrong, but the problem doesn't lie with "us" -- this dis-ease is simply an organic response to how fucked up it all is. in a culture that is rife with toxicity on every level, from politicians to food to consumers goods that are making money off of the suffering and pain of so many in the world - we are reacting in record numbers... the status quo is that we are to derive joy by purchasing more crap we don't need (with credit cards), taking sleeping pills to be able to to get up and do our horrid, unfulfilling jobs to support those internalized ideas of needs, and simply drifting through our days until we eventually die - something that we don't want to think about. ever. throw some war and constant terror threats and warnings into the mix, and a dash of the looming consequences of global climate change - and boom!

if people weren't feeling depressed about all that, i'd be worried. but what worries me even more is that so many are choosing a course that simply *hopefully* numbs them and doesn't cause any further damage in the process. i won't go there today, i promise. this level of medicating the masses stands to further harm our hijacked demockracy - and everyday, there's a new taker.

huxley (not orwell, silly kara) wrote about soma. i used to think it was television, not anymore...

something's gotta give. and it undeniably will. we cannot continue at this pace forever. and as much as i'd like to say i had the answer, i don't. i'm making a new years resolution late. i'm coming up with something by the end of the year. something bloodless and peaceful - something that could actually rattle the cages... me and my visions of grandiosity, eh?

i earned my bachelor's degree from a school founded for those "who are willing to take risks for their intellectual and political beliefs" - whose motto is that the right idea at the right time can change the world.
where, oh where is my idea? olly olly oxen free!

as bebe would sing, "get up! stand up! don't give up a fight!"

anyone down for some brainstorming?


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