04 May 2007

somebody stop me!

so we have a lot of feral cats in our neighborhood. a. lot. and every year like clockwork, they do what cats do and reproduce at a most alarming rate. and so it goes. a few of us have tried to figure out how to catch them and have them spayed and neutered, but all previous years of attempts have failed. not to mention the cost... and the neighbor up the street that brings out 50 dishes of kitty food twice a day. ;)

there's a new litter in town.

you see where this is going, right?

so, anyway, the gatos drive our dogs to fits of barking with their carrying on - which in turn drives will crazy. good times.

there's a little orange guy in the most recent litter. i noticed the other day that his eye was horribly goopy, but he ran and hid when i tried to get close enough to check it out. a few minutes ago, he started calling to me as i sat on the front porch enjoying the breezes and trying to catch up on my blog reading. i saw that both eyes were horribly gooped shut - as in - days of dried, crusty build-up gooped shut. he let me pet him. i picked him up and he just cried. instant attachment. i looked around for mama and siblings. nowhere to be seen.

i called the vet's office where we take our menagerie and she told me i could clean them off, and put in some visine drops. she said it may be an upper respiratory infection causing this - or it could be something more serious like feline leukemia. :(

i told lil orange to stay put while i went in and armed myself with warm water and cotton balls. he let me clean his tiny eyes, but he didn't care for the soothing eye drops. and while one eye is very swollen, now he can see!

i called will.

"the orange baby kitty's eyes were gooped shut! i cleaned them."

i could hear what he was thinking. it went something like this:

"oh. god. not. another. one."

but this is what he said out loud, instead, "if you need to take him to the vet, you should."

have i ever mentioned how much i love will?

thinking it was too risky to bring him in with our kitty, i left him be, and hoped that his mama hadn't shunned him. a few minutes later, his calls brought mama running. he nursed for a good half hour and she licked his baby eyes. they've since disappeared beneath the neighbor's porch.

after bebe woke up from his nap, i asked him what he would name a little orange kitten.


me-ine it is.

i figure if he's out and around tomorrow when i wake up, i'll run him to the vet. 'cause that would be a sign, in karaland, of course. like we need another furry friend - we already have two dogs and a cat.

there's just something about this little dude...

and, yes - if i could, i'd bring them all home. i'm one of those people.

bring them home... bring. them. all. home.


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