09 May 2007

once upon a time

there was a blogger named kara. she had the honor of being tagged as a 'thinking blogger' by someone that she didn't even know read her blog. she felt happy inside. and warm and fuzzy and honored, too (considering the source!) - until she read that she would also have to choose five, herself... this was a few weeks ago. she's been toiling about it ever since that fateful day. how could she ever choose
just five? every blog kara visits makes her think! that's why she heads over as often as she can...

sooooo, in her attempt to fulfill her mission that she has chosen to accept - here are her six, in no particular order... kara is adding a sixth, because one of these folks hasn't posted in a very long, sad time.

sicily sue... ah, sue! what can kara say about you that isn't stating the obvious? this grrrl is a power house. she's been through hell and back and has a strength and courage like no one kara has ever known - and kara has known her for years. she has always been a source of inspiration and wisdom, from the day they met. her writing is true and from the heart. always. infinity. every time kara visits her page, she comes away lost in thought for hours. sometimes, days.

fade over at house of the rising sons - simply. rocks. he is smart and funny - and gosh darn it! people like him! he's forever posting up brain candy - be it a personal commentary or an article of interest - such as this one. he also serves a larger purpose in occupying cave men, which kara is eternally grateful for...

radical feminism
is another. kara also has the honor of knowing her for many years. she doesn't post as often as kara would like, but when she does - watch out! she always has a perspective not found in kara's day to day life - one that sets her preconceived notions and "that's just the way it is" thoughts a spinning! see what i mean?

kara also enjoys the fine storytelling and sharp wit and keen political commentary of one TUA over at the future was yesterday. even when kara and tua don't see eye to eye, tua knows that kara still hearts him for stretching the muscles of her lil ole brain. imus tried to part kara and tua sometime back, but he failed miserably. kara was heard to mutter once at the end of those few weeks of unrest, "take THAT, imus! ha HA!!!"

written rebellion
is kara's kindred spirit. kara thinks they may have been seperated at birth, along with the centre cannot hold - who hasn't posted in weeks, and whom kara misses like crazy. written rebellion is the first blogger that kara found that also linked znet - and her mother's day reminder is a must read! kara thought everyone knew the origins, but apparently, not so. kara is going to have a blast filling everyone in at work on sunday when they wish her a happy mother's day.

the centre cannot hold
is living the life that kara pines for daily, in canada. and you should hear them on the phone - the thoughts and plottings - how they fly!!! they think quite alike, as evidenced here. kara can't call her anymore, though. it costs kara a lot of money that she just doesn't have. written rebellion is very busy with school and is another that doesn't post as often as kara would enjoy. this drives kara to sigh upon occasion. but she understands.

what else is kara up to, you may ask?


well, without the singy songy.

and we still have no poop.
back to the poop,me-ine, POOP! dance...
how's that for thinking?

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