06 May 2007

"god was protecting them"

says representative dennis mckinney of greensburg, kansas about a few that survived - adding insult to injury, death and complete devestation... as if god was punishing those who died? punishing an entire city by destroying it? you can keep your god, dennis. this would be exactly why i don't have one.

i still can't get my brain around the images coming from that F5 twister - a mile wide twister! - that touched down friday. unfreakingbelievable. just LOOK at this! i mean, it's one thing to hear about a weather occurance this powerful, but a whole 'nother thing to
see what it has done:

how scary! i think they're still looking for people beneath the rubble. while many made it to a basement, a city's worth of structures fell straight down - as evidenced by this photo snapped by jaime oppenheimer for the wichita eagle. i hope they are getting the support and help they need - but everything surrounding hurricane katrina then (and now) makes me highly skeptical and worried. i'm sending all the good vibes i have greensburg way, for whatever it is worth...

i remember a few months after we'd moved to missouri from california, the tornado sirens began blaring. i was TERRIFIED. my mom was born and raised in california and had zero prior experience with such things. all i knew was that our barn was listing to one side after a tornado passed nearby years before. i don't know how it was standing still to this day.

i literally threw all of my favorite stuffed animals in a garbage bag and we started to run. we had no basement in our little farm house. we had to run a half a mile to our neighbors house. i don't think i've ever run so hard in my life - literally or figuratively. it was perfectly quiet, the sky was the oddest green yellow i'd ever seen. as i got older, i'd go out and sit on the roof, hoping to see one, while my mom would scream for me to get my "ass in the basement RIGHT NOW!" the fear turned to fascination over the years... i've been known to hop in my car and head in the direction of reported nearby sightings. not the sharpest crayon in the box, eh? not the shiniest apple in the bucket...

so i was thinking... as i always do in times like this - no matter what we do or say - mother nature can fuck it up in a matter of a few seconds, minutes. it never ceases to amaze me.

and anytime something of this magnitude strikes, i think about war - how easy it is to jump to war cries of revenge and retribution. but what about a war on weather? there is no such thing. if some group had created a situation that resulted in damage like this, "we" would be all hell bent to exact revenge. but what if we chose to respond to events the way we respond to natural disasters - i mean, if we can just collectively begin to pull together to help each other out, to rebuild instead of embracing to fear and hate and bombs instead... there is always another way.

as for our neck of the woods - it's been storming here all day long. our basement is flooded and for some reason, our back deck isn't draining like it used to - leaving two inches of standing water that is rising ever so slowly to our back door. if it doesn't stop raining soon, we may have ourselves a flood in our kitchen.

welcome to the freak ass weather that global climate change is bringing on...



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