10 May 2007

and so it begins...

a new global precedence?

my spidey sense is tingling...

today in germany, security forces to the tune of 900 individuals raided apartments and offices of anti-globalization activists, looking for, get this - a terrorist group. they have also erected a 17 million dollar fence to keep protesters away from the upcoming G8 summit.

it was only a matter of time, given the current climate of the world, before all protesters were lumped into a "dangerous" category, but still. *even* if there is some boogeymonsterterroristorganization just waiting for the G8 summit to begin - i guarantee they are far outnumbered by those protesters that wish to publicly air their grievances - that have no intention of doing harm or violence to anyone or anything...

unfortunately, this move only serves to inflame those who are already capable of destruction - and disrupt legitimate peaceful protest. no bueno. it isn't as if there aren't very real, legitimate complaints about what is and isn't addressed in the the summit.

the "terrorists" are winning again.

"The state can’t give you free speech, and the state can’t take it away. You’re born with it, like your eyes, like your ears. Freedom is something you assume, then you wait for someone to try to take it away. The degree to which you resist is the degree to which you are free…"
~Utah Phillips

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