17 November 2006

there is simply no excuse.

hunting? my ass. how anyone could ever believe that this is sport is beyond me. in all of my naivety, i really thought that this was a thing of the past. and for what? great leaps and bounds in the scientific realm? a cure for cancer? no. to make a coat. a coat. (let it be known that i'd still have major issues even if there were some great wordly good coming out of this "sport."

warning - this is extremely, horribly, difficult to watch. i'm posting it here because it must be stopped.

and let it be known - i can't be held responsible for my tongue if i EVER encounter someone actually wearing a fashionable baby seal fur coat. if you have one, and you're reading this, you disgust me. i can't think of anything much worse. there. i've judged.

now, go do something. please. if you'd like, you can send email directly to the prime minister via this address: pm@pm.gc.ca



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