07 November 2006

you can take the boy out of politics

but you can't take the politics out of the boy. it is simply the cutest thing ever. hubby follows election night tallies coming in like most people watch the super bowl. he spent 25-ish years working on political campaigns (which has provided me some tremendous insight, i might add) and as much as he says he detests it all, trying to pry him away from surfing various websites and television reports could leave one missing a limb. needless to say, i've been getting regular updates via phone for much of the latter part of the evening.

we voted first thing this morning - no lines, no problems. at least none that i could visably see. bebe got his sticker, so he was totally stoked. while hubby voted, i chased bebe in and out the main door of our polling place. after the third time, one of the guys handing out push pieces said, "hey now, little fella - you know you can only vote once, right?" bebe thought that was pretty funny, and with a shriek of laughter, he raced back in.

in my neck of the woods, it's a super close call in the senate race. so far - my girl, jolie justus, is kickin' ass and taking names - as i expected that she would. i need to checkon the other candidate that i'am excited about - beth low. light rail even looks like it stands a chance this time through. we have HORRIBLE mass transit in this city. truly dreadful. raising the minimum wage (though still not a living wage) is also showing favorably. on the downside, the stem cell initiative is getting clobbered. and the race between mccaskill and talent is way too close for comfort - with talent(less) leading by several points.

as far as the rest of the nation goes, things do look hopeful, eh?

i hope the first thing that happens if the d's take control is to begin impeachment. wishful thinking, i know. not to mention, that would leave us with cheney. i'm not really certain which would be worse...

off to bed for this kid.



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