13 November 2006

i'll go with random thoughts for $2000, pam!

following pam's lead since i still am grappling with an exhausted mind after last week's hell hours (yes, plural) with credit card companies for accounts that aren't even ours that are showing on our reports, i'm going to list some random questionseseses that bounce about from time to time in them thar hills of me brain... but, just so you know,

CREDIT CARD COMPANIES SUCK - ESPECIALLY CITIBANK. this would be why we don't have any, and why i never ever want any again.

1. does my curbside recycling bin recycle? i can't find a rating on it anywhere. and i hope it does, because at this rate, we'll have to replace it soon. the dude can't set it down after he empties it, he has to throw it. hard. on the sidewalk. it is cracked like nobody's business.
2. why does anyone think it is ok to beat someone else that is 1/4 of their size and has only been on the planet for 567 days for not sitting still at the dinner table? THEN they have the nerve to call it spanking. or discipline. seriously, how is this legal? how is someone that small to be expected to "know" better? i really need to stay away from the online parenting community comments to articles about alternatives to time-outs for 18 month olds. far away. i was never spanked, and i turned out ok. no comments, you. :)
3. why does my down the street neighbor blow leaves three times a day, for an hour, for weeks, in fall season? does he know what they do to the sewers? do he know that they all end up in our driveway?
4. why do credit card companies suck so much?
5. why can't my dogs figure out that the cats outside are same cats they see everyday and they don't need to bark at them incessantly? and squirrels? same deal.
6. why does brie taste so delicious? why does every cheese in the cheese family call out to me to eat them?
7. why does my knee ache? i'm only 33!
8. why can't we all just do what we do best, what we love to do, and be able to make enough money to survive?
9. why can't we all just get along?
10. when will i ever be able to read a book again without "someone" pulling it from my hands - a mere page in - saying, "all done! all done!" :)
11. why can't every item in the world be fair trade, not free trade?
12. why is it so hard to find clothes not made in sweatshops?
13. when will all of the oil be gone? and then what happens?
14. why aren't we doing more, as a country (and individually), about global warming?
15. are panda bears only in china?
16. why would it seem that i got the plague 19 months ago, rather than having had a bebe? where did everyone disappear to? and will they ever come back?
17. what are you wearing? (kidding.)
18. will i ever have a viable third party candidate for president to vote for?
19. where have all the flowers gone?
20. why do the "support whatever" ribbons look suspiciously like jesus fish?



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