11 November 2006

sometimes i just read things that make me throw my head back and laugh in glee

ann coulter and felon in the same sentence is but one of those such things. thinking of ann coulter as a bonafide criminal is another. knowing that she'll never be able to cast a ballot again if found guilty makes the cake oh so much sweeter.

not that i've ever taken any of her writings seriously, but i really can't take her seriously now that she allegedly can't even figure out where her polling place is. surely she received her reminder notice in the mail? surely the bastion of all things proper and legal and correct wouldn't knowingly commit a felony that carries a possible prison sentence?

i like to think that she would. so i will.

but it gets better. she has refused to cooperate in the investigation, so there is talk that the case will be handed over to the prosecutors. the picture in my head of ann in prison is so much more fun than martha stewart being behind bars. but chances are, she won't see a day of jail. we like to save that for the undesirables in our society - the ones that can't afford legal councel.
and i'm also sure that this will somehow be the polling place's fault. but a girl can dream, right?

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