08 November 2006

you say resigned, i say fired. or, WHAT A DAY!!!!

the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and rumsfeld is GONE! buh. bye. i never thought i'd see the day. and rumor has it that bush made this call against the wishes of cheney. and didn't bush look a bit, oh, edgy in his press conference a few minutes ago? could the neo-cons be losing their grip? could it be? oh, fraptuous day! looks like bush is beginning to listen to his father instead - the james baker commission, robert gates (think iran-contra) being the likely nominee. i can't help but wonder if cheney will gone soon as well? hmmmmm....

in election news, i awoke to find quite a surprise - claire mccaskill cleaned jim talent's clock. while i'm not a claire fan per se (the borderline anarchist in me and all), i voted for her because i knew the race would be so close. i'll be keeping close tabs on her. my friend sara said something this morning when she called to giggle with me that cracked me up, "i love her. she has bitch running through her. in every one of her ads you could see that she was just wanting to say, 'i hate that m'er f'er'."

light rail passed. my fair city is going to begin to step into the 20th century. the stem cell initiative even made it through! the minimum wage increase is set in stone. as for the judges, well, i tried. my modes operandi in every judge vote is a straight ticket of the party of no. every time. they need to be voted out regularly, in my humble opinion.

but most importantly, i hope that the rest of the world sees that america isn't happy with what is happening and that we do want change. today, i feel hopeful - and ready to dig back in! oh, yeah.

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