22 August 2006

nancy drewin' it

if you get that reference, you get extra points. i just said that little phrase in a response to a really funny exchange that i won't go into right now due to other pressing issues that have snatched my attention.

as you know, i'm a detective. and i like to get to the bottom of things. hence the nancy drewin' it.

right now, i want to get to the bottom of this:

when did we invade afghanistan? you rememeber, after september 11th, osama was there, so we (i use that term loosely) decided to start carpet bombing. oh, and also, the taliban was really terrible to the people there. especially the women. so we were also acting humanitarianly, of course. you know, to liberate the women (that haven't been liberated) and free the people from terror (who haven't been freed from terror), and to get rid of the taliban (who hasn't, apparently, been gotten rid of).

osama who? huh?

so this detective wants to know, what exactly has been accomplised in afghanistan, aside from countless deaths and the destruction of a terribly poor country to begin with? hmmm... STOP THE PRESSES! i found something! funny how oil keeps popping up in the equation. funny not as in ha-ha. now what i can't seem to find, is if the project has been started.

i've said it before, and i'll say it again. bush could get on the t.v. and say, "hey, ya'all - here's the deal. we're either in peak oil time, or we're close to being. either way, it's going to run out sooner rather than later. so, in order for you all to continue on in your over-consumptious lifestyles that you've grown accustomed to, be must secure the remaining oil. oh, yeah. and we like war. your fearless leaders are safe no matter what! and if you get hurt in the process, well, i've got two words for you. collateral damage. you've served your country and you should be proud."

and i have a feeling that the majority of americans neccesary to ease policy like this along would say, "cool! war on, george! as long as i can still drive one of my three cars to starbucks over in the next county - do what you gotta do, man!"

focus, kara, focus. ou're getting off topic again.
afghanistan. afghanistan. it's been what, 5 YEARS?!?!?

no bueno.


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