07 August 2006

the fruit of my labor

i just wrapped up my final semester at the new school university. if all goes as planned (i.e. so long as: the registrar doesn't decide that i need more credits, some fluke doesn't erase all of my records of attendance, or, as my friend sara responds to everything - as long as north korea doesn't kill us all) i should be alumni soon! while i'am SO pleased to have finally finished my degree after bowing out of school for so long - finishing also brings a sense of sadness... i'm terrified that my brain will go stagnant! it will be awhile before i can pursue graduate studies. meanwhile, back at the ranch, i'm on the edge of my seat - waiting for grades to be posted... patience, kara - patience.

i know i got an A in my american short fiction course. i'm awaiting confirmation of my final essay exam being received from my global warming professor - i have some concerns, as i sent her a few email messages during the course of class and she didn't respond. i hope it made it through? in any event, look forward to many many posts about global warming in the future. and finally, my micro memoirs class. here, i shall post my final revised writing for the world to see. ok - really for all 10 of you who actually read this, but still... it was an interesting class. we had several key words/phrases assigned each week from which we were to write about in increments of 5 minutes. they were timed writings, as to not let that little voice get in the way. then we'd revise and critique one another's pieces. we used a book my professor wrote and there are still many exercises that we didn't get to. i think i'll continue to do them, just for fun. to keep the ol' juices flowing, if you know what i'm sayin'.

oh! and please keep your fingers crossed for me - if i can pull two more A's, i will graduate with honors. honors! whouldathunk it? i hated school my first time through - and was a solid C student at best. i've busted proverbial ass over the past 2 and a half years, and this will mean the world to me. here's to hoping!
and here's the micro-memoir - but one of the many fruits of my labors:


I'’ am but a midwife. My hand guides the brush lightly over canvas, letting it decide what it shall paint - in this very moment, of this very day, at this exact time. Colors blend, bleed and dance. My hand eases the tints along as they meld together perfectly to create another abstract piece de resistance. Or so I'd like to think... One swoosh of Red, and I'm in the zone. Phone be damned, doorbell, too. Another swoosh of Blue in this direction, and another in that direction, and suddenly Red is changing to Purple. Green and Yellow are morphing into a deeper shade of Blue, tempting Purple to come in for a swim. And so it goes. I'’m in deep now. More red. It needs more red. The dog whines. Green. Just a touch more green... The baby is saying "‘he-llooo"’ over and over and over. Yellow. More Yellow… My hand urgently continues on. The world has ceased to exist. In these few stolen moments of bliss and completely letting go, I can't be interrupted. It is coming, it is almost here... …almost breathing.

p/s - stay tuned for a possible graduation/birfday celebration for yours truly!


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