19 August 2006

so what IS it with me, anyway?

yet another synchronicity has befallen yours truly...

the term synchronicity was coined by none other than carl jung. i have noticed these synchronicities in my own life since a was but a wee lass. imagine my delight when i found out it had a name! so we all know my facsination with all things jung. i won't go there. but i will go here.

i was having a chat with one of my most favoritist people ever to rap with (yes, another soul sister), necia - just a few days ago. our conversations always leave my head spinning, as we tend to go all over. we veer off this way and that, and i always come away inspired. she is also a fantastic masseuse, i might add. she is a healer and a sage.

so in this conversation, i'm waxing over why i can't seem to get with any one "group's" program. organized anything and me just seem to not mix anymore. religion, parenting, activism, the list goes on and on. i've been feeling kinda icky about it lately. am i that difficult? seriously.

and she tells me that we're in the age of aquarius and what i've said makes perfect sense. we'll be here for the 2,000 or so years. here's the deal. this age is all about the individual. the collective consiousness is moving away from that of pisces (defined by it's groupiness) and going back to self. it's all about what each of us can do. what we will do. ah, ha!

i've been thinking about this ever since. so a few minutes ago, i decide to do a little more investigating. i google age of aquarius. i choose an entry. first line attributes to jung as the first to have written in depth about the different ages. say it with me now. synchronicity.

apparently jung explained it this way - the age of aquarius is a transition from the collective consciousness being controlled within the container that was pisces, to "that of being free of and outside the container." another jungian explains it like this,"the psyche will no longer be carried by religious communities, but instead it will be carried by conscious individuals." thank god. no pun intended. my relationship with organized religion alone is a whole 'nother blog.

so what does this all mean? there are a few things to note about aquarius. it is a sign that embodies all things scientific, intellectual, practical and visionary. ergo, i may just get that peace and justice i so actively pursue just yet. aquarius also encompasses dreams, hopes, humanitarianism, friendship. there exists a great potential for humankind to join together. BUT. yes. there is a but. negative qualities include thoughtlessness, fanaticism, and disorganization. also, aquarian inventions such as atomic energy also stand to destroy us.


it will be intersting to see how we fare. we can only do so much to the planet before we are ousted in a bloody coup. evicted, if you will. we can only war so long before someone pulls out the big guns. the earth is over-populated. food supplies are dwindling. global climate change will create mass disease, famine, and leave millions of people displaced... and it isn't years and years away - we could see these drastic changes take hold in as soon as 10 years. the power and intensity of storms and weather is already increasing.

the potential to do something that benefits us all, as well as the earth, is there. it's in the stars, if you will. interestingly enough, i found a couple of references to many christian sects equating the age of aquarius with the 'end times.' is this what bush is banking on? that he and his family and his firends will be raptured as the earth is destroyed?

curiouser and curiouser...
so what will it be?
what you gonna do?



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