17 August 2006

coolin' my jets

and beginning to think more pro-actively, as opposed to re-actively. what can i say? i'm only human... UPDATE:

in regards to the events that i previously blogged about - one of the worst possible things, out of this whole scenario, would be for me to allow lucie to have the power over me to affect me negatively. while i don't have much say over the way this was all handled on the part of the CID - i do have say over how i react. she doesn't get to control that too.

that said, i think that it's highly unfair for the CID (that collects taxes from all the businesses to supposedly help all of the businesses) to be able to serve life/unelected positions - leaving no room for said businesses to engage in the process. no oversight + board members not having to worry about being unelected = bad news bears.

there should be room for everyone. that is the crux of community. i also completely disagree with the idea that one person's vision reigns supreme. so, what to do now? what to do now... so that this never happens again. and my beloved 39th street isn't harmed in the process. hmmmm...

that's what i'll be working on.

in other news, i burned the roof of my mouth on a piece of hot spinach about an hour ago. it smarts.


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