06 August 2006

i'll make you a deal

on one condition.
it was recently brought to my attention by my girlfriend pam, that baby talk magazine ran a cover story about breastfeeding. accompanying it was this cover photo:

so the long and short of it is this - many irate readers flooded the magazine with mail saying that this picture was inappropriate and disgusting.
HELLO!?! a picture of a child eating is inapproprate? disgusting?

newsflash - titties aren't for just playing with and porn. the very intended purpose is for feeding. what is the matter with people?

so here's my proposition - since breasts are only cool if there's not a baby attached to one, i promise to never breastfeed in public again. AS LONG as every other woman in public makes sure that every single bit of flesh even remotely attached to their breastesses is completely covered at all times. no cleavage, no tank tops, no low cut shirts whatsoever. no swimsuits. it grosses me out! it's disgusting! why should I want to see any part of YOUR breast? why are you forcing it on me? AND i don't ever want to see your child eating in public, either. it grosses me out. it disgusts me.

but seriously - if you have some wacko sexual repression issues regarding titties, that isn't my problem. nor is it my child's problem, who doesn't have this warped view of female anatomy *yet.* to him, he is simply getting the best possible food he can , filled with antibodies, immunities, nourishment...

if that's disgusting to anyone, it's time to re-evaluate the cultural "norm" that got you to this point.
and if you want some things to really get disgusted over, message me - i'll be more than happy to provide you with a list.


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