14 August 2006

a 'lil this and that

and i shall not be delving into world affairs today. i won't do it. nope.

*the bebe's will and determination is kicking in like i never would've expected it to. either that, or his new teethsies hurt reallyreallyreally bad. or, he has been possessed by a bear. a small bear, but a bear none the less. if i stop him, from say, mutilating himself with shards of broken glass - LOOK OUT! he hears the word 'no' and throws himself to the floor in a flailing fit replete with big tears, a huge pouty lip, and head bangs. he now has perma bruise on his forehead. "head banging is self-correcting" my ass. i guess, in a way, it is - he only does it once or twice, but OUCH! distraction works for two seconds. i just keep trying to make everything so that i don't have to say no and catching him before he has a chance to commence the bang. i can't tell you the umber of times in a day that i say, "i know you're very frustrated and angry, but we can't (insert dangerous activity here)." i hope this is a phase and that it passes soon. i don't want my bebe to have scrambled brains and feel sad!

* i got the two scary rooms completely cleaned out! 9, count 'em 9 bags of trash, 3 offers to freecyle and three boxes full of recyclables later - CLEAN! now they'll be able to get to the windows to replace them. i've gotta say, it feels good to get rid of the clutter, though i really hated throwing out so much. there was just no way it could be re-used, nor would anyone want the junk. riley got to go in his room first time. and the room next door that we couldn't even walk into this time last week. it took 3 solid days. one more area left, and we're golden.

*still waiting on one grade. why must my global warming prof. torture me? speaking of global climate change, i've begun working on the series that i'm writing for my neighborhood's newsletter! there will be five pieces in all. i'm very excited for the opportunity.

* i was supposed to be in an art festival this weekend, but i don't think it's going to happen. i won't be able to be in my booth for 3/4 of the time, and i fear it will be more trouble than it's worth. i hear that people have been stopping by the bookstore and asking where i'll be, too. drat.

* it's time for an adventure. an adventure far, far away...

* oh! 10 days til birthday time! there are rumblings of a graduation/birfday celebration. i'll know more in a few days as to the specifics. i DO love a par-tay!

look! i did it! not one political rant in sight!


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