01 March 2008

warning - stuff that came from my child's mouth today

bebe-isms - today has been FULL of them...

exhibit a:

bebe: i want to color ALL NIGHT LONG!
me: (singing "color all night long" to the tune of lional richie's "all night long.")

exhibit b:
i'm in the kitchen, preparing bebe's lunch...

bebe: my name is RILEY, not penis.
me: what did you say?
bebe: ohhhh, i'm just talking to myself, mommy.
me: ok.
bebe: i can sing the bung hole song!
*hums a few bars*
where is buzz lightyear?

exhibit c:

bebe's interpretation of cold war kids' "hang me out to dry" - that he like to randomly sing throughout the day:

hand me all the dragons - you run them out too too too many times!

exhibit d:

we're waiting for our table at waldo pizza ( I GOT OUT OF THE HOUSE!!! YIPPPEE!!!) and riley spies a man with a shaved head. he points and very excitedly exclaims, "look! it is john! from LOST!"

have i mentioned how much i love this child lately?

HOLLY!!! they have vegan pizza AND ms. pac-man! now all you need is your fluffer! ;)



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