28 October 2007

praise the lord!

but only for big hurricanes, not big fires. so al qaeda may have been responsible for the california fires, but GOD is responsible for the new orleans hurricane.

given the articles i read on a daily basis, it is rather difficult to leave me speechless at this point. i thought i'd share a snippet of one such thing that managed to render me wordless, emphasis mine:

"In 2005, while the bodies were still being fished out of flooded homes in New Orleans, Republican Congressman Richard Baker praised The Lord for his mercy. “We finally cleaned up public housing in New Orleans. We couldn’t do it, but God did,” he said about the removal of the poor from the project near the French Quarter much coveted by speculators."

seriously, people elected this dude? this senetor REALLY is the voice of the people? we've got trouble. right here in river city.

palast goes on to say:

"But as this week’s flames spread, no Republican Congressman cried, “Burn baby burn!” to praise the Lord for cleaning up them ‘Boo, the sin-and-surf playground of Hollywood luvvies."

hmmmmmm. go figure.

the rest of the article is here.

while i've got your ear, for the record, this illustrates exactly why i have no god.

which of all of these folks proclaiming that their god is the "right" god, is right? how could anyone possibly know? pick an organized religion, any religion - you've got folks from across the board aligning themselves with one another, under one common term, yet no one can seem to agree. i mean, which curtain is the nice god behind? if god is out there somewhere, an oldoldold wise man sitting high atop a lofty cloud planning his next massacre on poor people, telling bush to invade iraq, blah blah blah, i want no. part. of. it.

don't feed the animals.


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