19 October 2007


i now have an appointment with a surgeon - rumor has it, she is THE stuff. i feel much better, things are progressing - i don't feel so in limbo. apparently the nurse that called me back yesterday afternoon is married to my doctor and she called him at home. he called right away. of course, as fate would have it, i was taking the time to cry my eyes out while bebe and will went to the park. i'm sure he thinks i'm a total freak. whatever.

thanks again, everyone. i feel the support raging through these electric veins. and it makes me feel happy inside and less afraid.

i got home from class last night to learn that bush is now threatening world war III. as the last several days have managed to blur together quite nicely, i actually forgot about that tool for a few minutes. that will learn me. i turn my back for one second and he's waxing philosophical about blowing up the world, throwing it into a state of war. perfect. lovely. we still have a year in which he can attempt to accomplish his idiotic pursuits. i'm so tired of this 'do as i say not as i do' mentality. we can have weapons of mass destruction and use them, but you can't. we can try and develop nuclear power, but you can't. and if you do...


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