02 August 2007

leaps and bounds!

so the weaning is still going well. nursies have successfully slept through the night since we've began. and get a load of this! the night i made my last post, at bedtime, bebe tells me to scoot over. he sleeps with us, you see. i tell him i can't move over any further, or daddy won't have room. he looks me square in the eye, sighs and says, "i need my own little bed, mommy!"

wha?!? i knew that was coming next, but i thought i would have at least been the one to broach it!

so own little bed it was! i made him a cozy pallet next to ours. he laid down after gathering up marty moose and ballum the koala and FELL ASLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!! I KNOW!

of course he woke up a few hours later and wanted to hop in with us. that's cool. baby steps. baby steps. he's fallen asleep on his little pallet every night since then. i have to get his little room together. we don't even have a bed for him. bad mommy. bad daddy.

in other leaps, we all had an adventure out to my school today to pick up books for classes. $350.00 later, i'm ready to begin my learning and cognition and advanced developmental psych courses in a few weeks. i'm nervous about grad school, but excited. i haven't been in a classroom in, what? 13 years? i miss the new school. i wonder if it will take some getting used to, the switch from distance learning to the classroom? and the book prices, p/s. we rarely used a traditional text book at the new school, so i was quite surprised by the cost of books for two classes. now THAT'S quite a racket! new editions every semester, etc. i got two of them used, so that was nice.

i have more to say about the opposite of leaps and bounds happening in iraq, but i have to race to stupid work now. suffice it to say this: puppet regime in iraq takes month long break because bush administration has nothing for them to do. because they won't sign away all the oil. clear as mud? grrrrrrrr. infinity. more anon.

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